Rebuilt THM425 and Related Products for the GMC TZE


Improved Braking for the GMC Motorhome

One of the recent developments for the classic GMC MotorHome has been that of components to safely and effectively bring the coach to a stop without the rear tires of the bogie loosing their grip on the roadway by skidding. This typical behavior means making four tires do the work of braking the coach without assistance from the other two. Just imagine, if all six tires stayed in contact with the surface of the highway, one would see a 33% increase in effectiveness regardless of the size or type of the braking system, drum or disc.

In addition to helping owners get their coach to move, Manny has also worked to help owners get their coaches to stop. This has called for serious attention to developing a reaction disc brake system, selecting the best master cylinder for the job, and, as a result, reworking the combination valves. To that end, check out the following links to see how all of this comes together for a greatly improved braking system.

Installing Manny’s GMC Reaction Disc Brakes

GMC Motorhome Master Cylinders

GMC Combination Valves

Note that the links, provided above, will each open in a new windows on your browser. Also note that though Manny wasn’t officially engaged in the development of text or photos found at the web pages, he does endorse the work done, presented, and preserved for owners of the classic TZE-based chassis. Manny appreciates Karen Bradley’s excellent documentation and well-labeled photos.