Comments made on Facebook

The following comments are posted as a point of reference and affirmation of Manny Travao’s engagement with the vintage GMC Motor Home community.

Jeremy - That’s a big loss for the community but I wish him well.

Stuart - Wish him the best!

Aaron - Noooo

Kerry - OMG... but, truly, all the best!

Dennis - Darn. He's worked hard for us. I wish him the greatest.

John - That is a horrifying thought. He is one of the most needed persons in our hobby! He has provided some of the most needed products (especially transmmisions). But he has worked so very hard for our community. Even if you don’t know him you will miss him! I Hope he is and stays healthy!!

Billy - Sad but Manny has pretty well made his own terms all along. He’s just realigning them. ;-)

John - Who will carry on?

Jerry - Best of times in your new life. Both of you will missed.

Jared - I hope all the people he has eagerly taught his “secrets” to over the years have been paying attention.

John R - Good luck,Manny, and thanks for all you have done for GMCers.

David - That sucks

John W - If we are lucky maybe he will write a detailed book and pass on the knowledge he has gained. To bad he didn't have an Apprentice. I can only wish him well.

John B - How ’bout us that bought a trans and have a warranty?

David O - Where will we find another Manny? And even if we do, what will we call his work? “Chuck Tranny” or “Herbert Tranny” just doesn't work......

John L - Guess I’m stuck with my THM425 the way GM made it.

Jonathan - Fyi- we have a super THM425 builder in Minneapolis. Steve Turnquist. Even though I have only talked to Manny on the phone. I doubt he will be completely out of the picture. Maybe just moving forward on his own terms.

Jay - Always our best to Manny on what he chooses n how to do it. He and Dio are awesome.

JRS - Send my Best wishes to Manny, One of these days I would like to meet him

Bruce - Had hoped to make it to his shop a couple of years ago while coming done the West Coast from Seattle, but ran out of time and had head back to Ohio... I see others commenting about hoping his experiences and wisdom have been passed on. I certainly echo those thoughts. Are there any printed resources, web pages, etc.... or any chance there might be something forthcoming?

Thomas - Thanks Manny, my ride is a pleasure due to you!!!!

Albert and Sheila - Best wishes on your future endeavors Manny, will soon be doing the same thing , 14 years of building parking brake cable systems and disc brake systems is enough!

Sue and Howard Manny is the best. Always helpful. He will be missed. Manny, Thank You.

Teresa - Enjoy your retirement Manny. Thanks for all you've done. Best wishes!

Kerry - I've been dreading this day. I’m honored to call him a friend. Manny has worked too hard, for too little, and had to put up with too much crap. He lasted longer than I would have. The community has lost a tremendous resource. Manny, I wish you happiness in whatever is “next”.